Shipping & Returns

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are based on the cost of shipping.  As such many items are inexpensive to send.  However uprights are rather more expensive due to their awkward shape.  Currently we have a special offer for shipping uprights see below.

Hang Gliders are very difficult to ship and there are safety implications especially with 'invisible' damage that a carrier might cause.  Thus it is probably best to arrange to pick up hang gliders in person.  (We can send hang gliders in special wooden or cardboard containers which show any impacts to the packaging but this is quite an expensive process.)

Special offer on postage for uprights

This month If you order two or more uprights from Avianonline the packing and postage by next day carrier  is free in the UK mainland.  Uk Islands and Scottish Highlands are not covered in this offer.

Delivery Times

Standard UK delivery time is usually between 1&3 working days and usually depends upon when the order was placed.  For example if a large order (requiring a carrier rather than Post Office delivery) is placed well before midday we will probably be able to ship it the same day for arrival the next day.  (The carriers only deliver Monday to Fridays so an order placed late Friday will probably not be collected until the next Monday for delivery on Tuesday.  Unfortunately the carrier is currently unable to give a precise time of delivery.)   Customers with items sent by carrier will normally be sent a link by email through which the parcel's movements can be tracked.

Small orders are usually sent by post.  They will arrive with the rest of your post which could be any day of the week including Saturday but normally 1-3 working days after the order was placed.

Delivery times on items that you send to us for copy or repair

Clearly you need to allow at least twice as long for items to arrive that you have to first ship to us. (For repair or replacement.)  A typical example might be rigging wires sent for renewal.  Clearly we are unable to start work on the wires until we have received tham.  Please allow extra time or use a fast method of sending if you need them back quickly.  We will try to make replacements as quickly as possible which in the case of wires is often within 24 hours of arrival at Avianonline.

Please make sure that you write your name, address and all contact details including email when sending items to Avianonline.  Without this it might be impossible for us to identify the parcels we receive. This could dramatically slow down the order.

Signing for the Parcel.  Check before siging

Remember if you sign for the parcel you are accepting it as it is. We have no comeback with the carriers if you sign for it. Thus there will be no replacement or refund.   If you have any doubts open the parcel and check it is ok before signing for it.  If you are unlikely to be the one signing for the parcel please make sure the person who will sign is well briefed about signing before the parcel arrives.

If the package is damaged

If the packing looks damaged then it is very important to check the contents before signing.  If the contents are damaged then please give the parcel back to the driver and refuse to accept the parcel.  (This way they will at least return it to us without making extra charges.)

Parcels don't often get damaged

We pack things very well and it is rare for items to be damaged in transit.  However it can happen so please do take note of the above advice.


Some products can be returned for a refund less the cost of postage and packing.  However this is difficult and expensive to do.  If you are not sure of the size or type of product or spare part you require please do just drop us an email and hopefully we will be able to help by advising how to work out the optimum size to fit you or the right part to fit your glider.


If you have an existing helmet that fits well check its size.  It is usually given as a number (eg 60 L).  This relates to the circumference around the head going just above the ears.  (You can measure with a tape measure.)

Cancellation of order

It may be possible to cancel an order if you contact Avianonline immediately before the goods are sent.
With some orders it may be impossible to cancel even if the goods have not been sent.  An example might be a product made specifically to size for the customer that had not yet been sent.  For instance a set of wires made to size for the customer.

Made to Measure Items

Some items sold by Avianonline are made to measure.  These items are made to the customers measurements.  Clearly Avianonline rely on the customer to measure accurately and advise careful checking of all dimensions prior to submissioin of the order.   Avianonline cannot be held responsible for errors in measurement or writing and will use those measurements sent.  Errors in measurements made by the customer could result in very costly modifications or the need to purchase a new product.  Given the products are of a unique nature (made to the customers dimensions) it is not possible to cancel these products once the order has been made.  It is for this reason that for some items it is possible to make a none refundable deposit to Avianonline.

Deposits are None Refundable

For the order of some products Avianonline allow payment of a deposit prior to full payment for the product.
This deposit may help the customer spread payment (as the balance of payment is payable later) but is also designed as a financial commitment to complete the contract.  As such a deposit will not be refunded if the customer decides they no longer require the product or cannot afford to pay the balance.

Cancellation of Deposit

It is not possible to cancel a depoit so the customer should not make a deposit without this in mind.  They should not make a deposit payment unless they are fully committed to making the full purchase.  It is far better to have a few hours reflection or 'sleep on it' than loose a deposit. 

Avianonline will not enter into negotiation about the extent of losses they may have made as the result of a cancellation of order and lost deposit.