Ball-lock pins

Bolts with push button locking for countless uses, especially in glider, aerospace and construction. 

With the exception of the aluminium head grips all parts are constructed from high strength stainless steel. Three ball bearings instead of the usual two which results in twice the pull out strength compared to the two ball variant.

The security cap with inserted steel ring protects the quickpin from dirt and freezing and is available as an accessory.

Breaking load (perpendicular to pin axis) is = 2800kg. (2.8 Tonnes)


Security cap

Security cap with high strength nylon cord and spring ring to attach it to the head of the pin.

Working Length


The working length is measured from under the head to the ball.  Have a look at the images to check this so that you order the correct pins.

If you are using the security cap you will need at least 2mm extra on the working length for the cap to fit over the balls.  (The cap must be able to be put over the end and its special rim move inboard past the small bearings.)


Larger Quantities


If you need large quantities of pins.  (Over 50) Then please contact us for special prices.


Available Options