How quickly will goods be despatched?

Normally your goods will be despached next day for next weekday delivery.  If however you are able to order before about 10.30am often the carrier is able to collect the same day for next day delivery.  (The timing of the carrier is not precise so this cut off time varies.

What happens if I order on Friday or the weekend?

Normally goods ordered on Friday or the weekend would be despatched on Monday for Tuesday delivery.  Goods ordered early Friday might be collected on Friday for delivery on Monday.

Can you tell me what time my parcel will arrive?

Unfortunately we can not tell you when your parcel will arrive.   (Some carriers are looking to provide this service but it is not available to us yet.)  However we can say that normally a carrier has to empty his van first in the morning before making collections in the afternoon.  So expect delivery am rather than pm. 
Remember however that the drivers delivery route changes from day to day so even he does not know what he will be delivering things tomorrow.  Given the vagaries of the delivery drivers job and when he happens to be nearest your house it is likely that your goods will be delivered when he happens to be passing.

How quickly will you make my wires?

We will usually try to make wires for gliders by return.  That is as soon as we get your wires to use as a pattern.  So how you send them to us makes a difference to how soon we can start.  Please do let us know if they are urgent and if you would like us to send them back by a premium form or carriage.