Light Weight

The skids are a light weight alternative to wheels.    They weigh 300g each.  That is 600 g for the pair.
They are great for normal use and for towing. (See below.)


These skids offer a far smaller frontal area and thus cause far less drag than a wheel.  Also they feel a little less obrusive in one's line of flight when flying.


The skids measure approximately 35cm in length and 8cm width.  Maximum thickness when fitted to the control frame is about 10cm.


When towing wheels and skids are now recognised by most as essential.  If you happen to touch the ground shortly after take off wheels or skids make it far less likely for the control frame to catch the ground and stop resulting in a horrible nose in.

Of course there is a limit to what surfaces they work on.  However if a tug can take off these skids should work.  (If you take off a hard runway then the skids with tracks might be a better option.


A 5mm allen key is required to fit these skids to a carbon fibre AIR speed bar.  The wheels locate over the lumps in special lumps in the speed bar.   2 allen head screws are tightened for each skid.

These skids can not be fitted to a round speed bar.