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Woody Valley have given a brief description of the new features of the Tenax 4 here: New Tenax 4 Presentation


-   Now broader back plate for increased comfort
-   Sleek, low-drag profile
-   Stylish new look
-   More adjustments
-   Noeprene upper arm & elbow fairings
-   Wider pockets accessible from the inside
-   Wide colour choice
-   3 trim system options


The new Tenax 4 from Woody Valley is the best looking harness around. We know that performance is more important than looks, but why not combine the two?

The super-sleek aerodynamic profile is enhanced by neoprene fairings for the pilot's shoulders, upper arms & elbows. Combined with the low-drag features, comes more adjustment for greater comfort: the longer shoulder straps give a wider adjustment range, and there are Side trims behind the arms to adjust the space above the pilot's back.

A thermo-formed Lexan piece has been added to the front part of the back board for a better shoulder support and the back board is more accessible for any adjustment procedure. The harness has been well thought out with wider pockets which are accessible from the inside. The boot-tip protector is now made of carbon-look thermo-formed Lexan for greater protection. The drogue-chute rollaway pocket offers both deployment systems available. The front zip is sewn directly on to the harness but the final part of the zip, near the foot area, is detachable, allowing the pilot to replace the slider easily if necessary.

Explanation of Options



The standard harness is delivered with a small buckle to prevent the top zip from coming undone.  At Avian we like safety so a very highly recommended option is the addition of two large strong buckles to give added security should the top zip fail.  (This option must be chosen at the time of purchase.)
It's also easy to see if these buckles are not done up before taking off.


There are now four trim systems to choose from:
1. Variable integrated ‘angle of dangle’ system - the classic “Woody Valley” self-stability system proven over many years, with a single-strap hook-in, sliding on a taut rope, all integrated in the back board.  (This works but the harness is not very stable in pitch.)

2. Friction system - a system based on the classic Woody Valley system, with an extra friction device fixed on the main attachment (see photo), working on a thin rope that is fixed at the ends of the back board (MR system). This system makes the angle of dangle adjustment easy but the harness more stable in pitch.  This system is simple and gives quite a stable harness.

3. Ploner Trim System (PTS) - still based on the classic Woody Valley system of taught rope suspension.  The PTS is operated by bending the knees and releasing tension on the rope running from the top of the boot.  (See Photo of PTS (Tenax 3 harness back plate))  This allows the pilot to then adjust the angle of dangle before straightening legs again and fixing the harness at the new angle.  One nice advantage is that that the PTS system works well even in the back storage container of the harness is full.

4. Internal trim system - a system to change the angle of dangle that can be activated whilst flying using an internal lever.  This is sometimes call a 'kick ass' system since you lift the lever with your bottom whilst flying.  This system replaces the taut rope with a metal rod to slide on.  The mechnism to release the front adjustment line looks a little 'Heath Robinson."  However in our experience it works reliably.  The grip in the new position is not particularly precise as there is stretch in all the cords etc.  This is probably the best system in terms of choosing a angle of dangle position but also the most expensive.




If looked after well your zip will give many years of trouble free service.  However if you get sand in it, and don't clean it, wear will be accelerated.  In addition if you zip trousers and similar things into your harness concentrate on flying the aircraft and when you have time carefully ease the zip open.  Always concentrate on flying.

Some people who have have had to replace zips in the past (expensive) prefer to order a harness with a removable zip held in by Velcro.

The standard zip of the Tenax 3 was sewn into the harness.  This does seem to change with time but for the Tenax 4 launch the Velcro zip option is now standard.  If a zip is damaged this feature allows quick easy and far cheaper replacement.  So this can save a bit of money in the long term.

Order form


Tenax4 order form





If you would like, you can order a made to measure harness now and pay only a deposit until the harness is completed.  This could be a useful way of spreading the cost.  You will be expected to pay the balance in full prior to shipping but delivery of harnesses typically takes about 6 weeks.  (This does depend on the time of year and demand.)



How to order a made to measure harness with a deposit.

Remember the deposit will NOT be refunded if you change your mind.
Thus it makes sense to only order your harness after you have downloaded an order form and measured yourself accurately for a harness (see below) and decided on the colours that you would like.  (Do all the matching of colours to your kit etc before you order.)  Only when you are quite sure should you place the order.



How to measure yourself for a made to measure harness.

Remember that the harness will be made to fit the measurements that you send.  Woody Valley are good at getting a good fit with harnesses, but they do rely on your accurate measurements.  If you exaggerate, make special allowances, etc the harness will be made to fit those dimensions not you.  So it is vitally important to measure with light clothing.  (For example jeans and T shirt.)
So measure a few times to make sure you are right.  (We can sometimes spot obvious mistakes but it is far safer for you to double check your measurements.)





Special requirements.

If you have special requirements (eg you would like the harness to be very tight fitting.  Not advisable for UK pilots.) then put those requirements down as a note with your order and let us make the allowance.  Don't just guess as this will probably lead to a harness that does not fit you.




Take your time with measurements.

Remember take your time to get your order right.   Once the harness has been started you can't change it.  Harnesses last a long time and this could be your pride an joy for many years.  So please get those measurements right!








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