Sticky dacron is an excellent emergency repair system for small areas of damage. Make sure the area to be repaired is clean and dry. Peel off the paper backing and stick it in place (sew later for a more permanent repair). This sticky dacron can be used on most sailcloth. It sticks very well and gets its full strength after a few hours.  Thus if applied to an area that is folded it is best if it can be left to reach full strenth in a flat state. In the short term it can be peeled off without leaving glue on the sail.  However after some time removal will leave a sticky mark on the sail.

For a more robust repair apply sticky to both sides of the cloth.

If stuck over existing stitching apply well past the stitch line.  This does not stick to stitching very well.

The price is calculated depending on the how much you need to buy in units of 10cm x 130cm.  If you would like twice the width then order 2 units (i.e. order quantity 2 we will send a piece 20cm x 130cm.

Please note the the colour reproduction on your computer may not be accurate.  The colours available are currently limited to Black, White, Red Blue and Pale Yellow.

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