X Wings quality and design

X Wings exploded into the hang gliding world with their eye catching graphics, but there's far more to their harnesses than that! Their harnesses are well designed, well fitted and well made, making them comfortable, high performance and safe.


The Snake is a high performance racing harness. The long pointed tail, fully enclosed buckles, single sliding suspension point and close fit of the harness make it extremely low drag.The Snake also features neoprene 'bat wing' style speed sleeves you can tuck your arms into to further reduce drag.


The Snake is tailor made to fit your exact measurements resulting in a harness that is comfortable as well as high performance.


A metal slider bar and Kick-ass system make it easy to change the angle of dangle and get upright for landing. A geneorus reserve pocket features a quick release 'Eject' system. Top quality materials are used throughout the harness. X Wings don't supply a carabiner with the harness, but we add one before sending it out, a top quality steel screwlock one, made in the UK. Also if you purchase a reserve parachute at the same time as your harness, we will fit your reserve (including supplying a maillon link) FREE OF CHARGE.


The Snake features numerous pockets to accomodate radio, Camelbak type water pouches, glider bag and packing, etc. It is supplied in a practical rucksack.


Download the order form and fill in carefully with all your measurements. Then Download the colour selector fill in with your desired choice of colours and send to us. It is vital you measure carefully as the harness is tailor made to whatever you specifiy! You should measure yourself while wearing thin clothes. If you wish to spread the cost you can just pay a deposit at the time of ordering and pay the rest when the harness is ready. Please note that as harnesses are made individually to your personal requirements, the deposit is not refundable.

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