If its your last chance

At Avian on line we have always liked to stock what we think is the best reserve available at the time.

The old addage is that you don't want your last thoughts to be, "I wish I had bought a better reserve."

Clearly, 'best' means different things to different people but here is a quick outline of what we consider when arriving a our idea of the best available reserve.

We want to know that the chute has been well tested with proven claims for descent rates.

We want to see the attention to detail in the finished products.

We like to see the chute has been tested at high opening speeds.  If the pilot is unlucky enough to enter free fall then the speed of descent increases very rapidly.  With the cheapest parachute this equates to only a few seconds before even if the chute opens it is likely to burst.  If the chute has been tested to higher opening speeds then it gives you precious extra seconds to throw your chute and for it to resist the loads as it opens.

High Energy Sports Reserves fulfil all these criteria, well made and tested to higher opening speeds than any other free flight reserve on the market.

It is also well worth adding a swivel into the reserve bridle. Since your glider is also hanging from the reserve, this can start to rotate as you descend under the reserve. In some circumstances this can wind up the reserve and increase your rate of descent. The swivel allows the glider to rotate without it affecting the reserve.

The QS330 is rated up to weights of 330lbs (150kg). Remember to add the weight of your harness, any equipment you might be carrying AND THE WEIGHT OF YOUR GLIDER when deciding what size reserve you need. Also bear in mind a larger reserve will lead to a lower descent rate, see the graph in the images above to work out your descent rate.


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