A replacement set of lower rigging for an Avian hang glider.

The pricing is the same for all models of Avian hang gliders (Though of course the wires are made specifically to fit your hang glider.)

Explanation of options.

Standard 2.5mm covered to 3.5mm PVC

Standard wires are made from 2.5mm (diameter)  7*7 (construction) galvanised steel wire rope covered to 3.5mm in clear PVC (Protection for both the wire and user).  These wires give a good blend of strength and flexibility and are highly recommended for normal use.

Racing + 2.0 mm 1*19 + 2.5mm 7*7side

Racing wires are aimed at the competition pilot who wants a safer compromise than all racing wires.  This option is a blend of thinner 2mm wire for front to back wires while retaining full strength 2.5mm for side wires.  To minimise cross sectional area and thus drag, none of the wires are covered in plastic.   The reduction in cross sectional area makes the wire more likely to cause injury to the pilot or nose man.  1*19 construction is less flexible so extra care should be taken when packing these wires.   As a result racing wires need to be replaced much more often (Every 50 hours.)

Racing all wires 2.0mm 1*19

This set of racing wire is aimed a the competion pilot who wants the thinest wires permissible in international hang gliding competitions.  A 2.5mm diameter cylinder has a cross sectional area over 50% greater than a 2mm cylinder.  (4.91mm2 as opposed to 3.14mm2).  The reduction in cross sectional area and thus strength of cable is partially made up for by the construction of the wire.  2mm 1*19 contains 19 thicker strands of wire.  This does increase the strength compared with 2mm 7*7 (49 thin strands) but at the expense of reduced flexiblity.  This option is recommended only for competition and medium or lighter pilots.  These wires need to be replaced much more often (Every 50 hours.)

Heavy duty side 3.2mm 7*19

This option is really intended for use by heavier pilots or pilots using power units.  The option is for the side wires only.  The increase in cross sectional area gives a large increase in strength.  A different construction is used 7* 19  to make the wire more flexible and easier to pack .  This wire is not plastic covered and hence has a similar overall diameter to standard wires so there should be no increased drag due to cross sectional area.  This wire is a great deal stronger than all the other wires mentioned above.  That said the pilot should not assume greater 'life' of the wire due to its initial higher strength.  All wires should be replaced regularly.

Available Options