AIR Atos VQ-Race

The VQ-Race from AIR is the ultimate for those looking for the best balance of performance, handling and practicality.

It offers the most rapid roll response and simplest, quickest rigging of any in the Atos family with superb performance. The full carbon keel offers extra damping in pitch making the glider still feel safe and secure when flying in rough air allowing it to be flown more quickly with less energy wasted in pitch oscillation than for an aluminium keel.

This glider has 40 hours logged and has been looked after with extreme care and attention, so as a result is virtually indistinguishable from new. It has a full Technora sail with a yellow stripe and high visibility yellow nosecone. It scored 3rd in the 2019 UK cross country league. It comes with catepillar tracked skids and rain bags.

This is a very rare glider, to our knowledge the first VQ-Race that has been offered 2nd hand in the UK.