The ATOS VQ 12 is the latest incarnation of the successful ATOS series. It first inherited  the proven features of the ATOS VR. However the design focus was reduced weight, quicker rigging and less complication (without winglets) than the VR.

The VQ has a slightly shorter span using a lighter “traditional” curved wing-tip instead of the winglets (typical on the VR) and a slightly more tapered wing planform.  These combine to massively improve the roll rate compared to the VR.  When moving from the VR this is the first thing you notice feels far smaller.

The performance polyhedral of the wings (the wing tips bend up and back) give the glider a lovely poise and 'floaty' feel in the air.  It feels stable and secure and still has the great roll rate.

As far as performance goes it is claimed that the VR has a slightly better high speed glide due to its comparitively reduced washout.  When the VQ was launched the difference was claimed to be small.  Since then the gradual improvement in the VQ means that it has now got performance extremely close to the VR. 

Rigging:  The new rigging system makes set-up faster and easier than on all other Atos models.  In fact it was so sucessful that it has now been moved to all other gliders in the ATOS range.


The VQ has a couple of options.

The glider has full DHV certification.

Technical data:

Span: 13,4 m
Wing area: 14,2 m2
Aspect ratio: 12,64
Min. sink speed: 0,65 m/s
Glider weight: 40 kg
Min. take-off weight: 90 kg
Max. take-off weight: 179 kg
Transport dimensions: 5,15x0,48x0,2 m
Rigging/Deriggging: ca. 12 Minuten
Certification: DHV

Available Options