Avian Aerofoil profile upright with rubber back.  These uprights are made to fit straight on to a selection of Avian hang gliders without the need for tools.

This upright will Fit a

Rio 15 (Mk 1)
Java 155
Java 150
Java Comp 150
Cheetah 160 and
It will also fit some early versions of the
Cheetah 150.

It is important to check the length of your upright on your glider and make sure that you purchase the correct length of upright.  A useful sign for the Rio 15 is that the fitting in the end of the upright is a black casting as shown in the photo and marked 'Solar Wings'.

If the fitting on your Rio 15 (for example) is different you might require a longer 65" or 1650mm upright.  (See the photos in the next product.)  The important thing is to measure the length your existing upright if you are in any doubt.

Please note the condition of your double button spring pins.  These sometimes fail and a spare is a good idea.

Sometimes with sideways failure of an upright is possible to damage the other upright or upright casting at the same time.  Check the castings for damage they sometimes crack! and should of course be replaced.



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