Stripdown booking 'Rigid wing' hang glider

A full Avian strip-down involves rigging the glider (if possible), checking the general condition of the glider and looking for areas that need repair.  The pitch stability set up is also checked.  (On most gliders this is checking the washout of the ribs, the sweep and the tail set up if fitted.)

The glider is then de-rigged and the sail removed to expose the airframe. Experience at Avian has shown that removal of the sail is the only way to reliably check the airframe for damage.  (The sail obscures a great deal.)  With a composite structure it is important to check for barely visible impact damage, de-lamination and other structural damage.

The pilot is then informed as to what has been found and any remedial action that is required to bring the glider back to an airworthy condition.

The glider is re-rigged for a final check.  Spoilers, limit lines etc are set back to factory settings, if required.  Finally the glider is packed back in its bag.

How to get the most from a strip-down.

To get the most from a strip-down make sure that you bring all the parts of your glider so that it can be completely rigged.  (We can't check the tail if you have left it at home.) Also please bring your pilot handbook with the glider.  This may contain useful information.

Points to note:

The final decision on replacement of parts or composite repairs, rests with the pilot.  Avian reserves the right to refuse to rebuild a glider that its staff consider would not be airworthy.  In this case the glider would be returned to the pilot in bits.  Fortunately this is very unusual.  Sometimes pilots do choose to 'write off' an old glider that needs more money spent on it than a realistic resale price.

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Booking fee Stripdown  (Rigid wing)
Book your glider in now. The booking fee is knocked off the price of the strip down when the total is calculated. Booking on line is a cheaper way of purchasing a strip-down. We have a limited number of places for this week so please check that this date is available or, "In stock."
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