Safer and Stronger

This Spreader bar and integral webbing is of a unique design with two independent suspension webbing supports.

This means that in the event of a karabiner failure at one of the two harness connections the other side would be secure.  Other designs are poor in that a loading of this type might load webbing in peeling and thus this mode of failure could be catastrophic.

Another unique design is that the webbing is not screwed or riveted to the aluminium spreader.   Normally rivets or screws are used to fasten the webbing to the spreader immediately compromising the integrity of the main hang loops.  These are also often a source of damage and wear to the webbing.

These two design features make this spreader set up safer and stronger. 


Lighter Weight.

In addition the aluminium spreader has no cut-outs thus making the use of lighter thinner tubing possible.  This spreader is stronger and lighter. than most.  The smaller diameter tube is also likely to cause less aerodynamic drag.


What length should I use?

How do I do a hang check?   When flying seated under the speed bar it is far more difficult if not impossible to do a hang check on the hill side.

It is for this reason that it is extra important to standardise your flying kit.  The standard for supine flying is a hang height distance of 115cm from a tight hang loop to the top of your speed bar.

Make sure that your hang glider is set up exactly like this.  Then choose your spreader bar to give you comfortable clearance under the bar when flying. Since different harnesses vary in their suspension points it may be that you need a different length spreader bar. The standard spreader bar is 820mm from the top of the carabineer to the bottom of the suspension loops (i.e.  the distance between your hang loop and your harness suspension points when you're in the air), this works for many paragliding harnesses, but some make require a custom length.

When pilots inevitably change gliders to test others this standard set up makes everything far easier and safer.  

Avian can supply both hang loops and spreader bar and suspension loops if required.





This product can be supplied with a single carabiner for connection to the hang glider.  The carabiner is a steel screw gate design of the highest quality that we are able to purchase.  It is made in Wales UK.


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