Double splice Dyneema Tow Cord

This product is used with the simple barrel tow release.

It is a short length of none stretch line (we use Dyneema) with smooth splicing at each end so as to run easily through the ring at the end of the tow line.  This forms an inverted 'V' shape with one end attached to each harness shoulder tow loop. 

The use of this type of cord is very important.  Zero stretch cord means that if there is weaklink break the tow ring is much less likely to spring back in you face.   (It's one in the eye for cheaper stretchy line...literally.)  

The smooth splice is vital to prevent the cord becoming caught in the tow ring when released.

It is recommended that with only one release, one harness attachment is made with a weaklink and the other with a tow release.

Experienced pilots tend to use two tow releases so it possible to get rid of the tow line if it was to become in some why caught at the metal ring.

Weak links.  It is helpful for the pilot to be able to supply their own weak link in case there is a problem of a too strong weak link else where in the system.  (Good pilots use very light or weak weak links as high loads should not occur with a good tow.  Beginners might be tempted to use a heavy weak link after multiple weak link failures.  This is extremely dangerous and it is highly recommended that you have your towing videoed and then correct the pilot error and do NOT change the weak link for a stronger one.)

It should be remembered that as the short line is doubled then a weak link of only half the strength is required in one side of the V.

Note:  The only know short coming of this type of release is that it is more difficult to release in a line slack situation.  The spring loaded double line release used for winch towing is generally considered far quicker to release in a loose line situation.

Making your own tow release cords.

Some pilots might like to make up their own release cords.  The cors are easily lost and having a few spare is a good idea.  You can buy the special self splicing Dyneema cord from Avian.  A bit over 1m is required to make standard size release (1m).

If you watch the video it shows you how to make the splices.  It is best to cut the end of the cord so that it is tapered to give the smoothest shape and best strength.