This deposit will be taken off the total of your stripdown fee.  (Total fee for Rigid wing is £375.)  So the  remaining amount to pay will be £375 less £50 = £325 + any work that you choose to have done on your hang glider.

Stripdown for rigid wing hang glider.  Booking fee and deposit.

Hang gliders need to be looked after and enevitably things will wear even without heavy landings.  A stripdown could be used to get your glider checked over in the winter months when it is flow less.  Alternatively it might be that a heavy landing has resulted in some damage and you want to check the rest of the wing is undamaged before flying again.  Either way a stripdown, taking the sail off and having a good check, is really the only way to be sure.
The photos above show a range of damage found on rigid wings, repairs, washout checking with an inclinometer etc.  For a rigid the sweep and washout are very important for pitch stability. 
Please give as much information as you can. It is most useful to have a list of all the extra items you would like to have checked.  (Eg.  Please could replace a small patch of stitching that is missing on the left hand tip at batten 8.)
If you give us other information, for example if you could transport a glider for somebody else we'll try and pass the message if we get another pilot from your area. Do ask around at your club. Maybe one pilot can bring several gliders making the whole trip far cheaper.

Reserve Parachute Re-Pack

Remember while your glider is with us it might be a perfect time to re-pack your parachute.

Harness Issues

If you have other harness issues for example you are hanging just a bit too high now might be the perfect opportunity to get this sorted.