NEW FOR 2022: The Puma now includes carbon fibre washout rods and outer leading edges as standard with carrier wing folding a free option!

Puma 13.5

The Avian Puma is the newest addition to the Avian range. It is a high performance glider, taking much of the technology from the Evo3 and applying it to a kingposted glider.

The semi-elliptical planform, polyhedral and raked forward kingpost make it a distinctive glider that flies as well as it looks with great handling and excellent performance. The raked kingpost enables a long travel VG system without the excessively slack sidewires that characterise other high performance kingposted gliders. Build quality is second to none and the Puma is not only the lightest glider in this class, it's also lighter than some in the class below! Depending on the options specified, the Puma can weigh less than 28kg.

Not only is it light, it's also strong. The Puma is BHPA certified for a normal free flight clip in weight range of 75-105kg. It's also been tested beyond this normal range and has passed a full +6/-3g load test at 120kg, so is also ideal for use with power units. It also make a great trike wing for experienced pilots who want a more dynamic experience when flying a trike and want to be able to take advantage of the Puma's fantastic sink rate and great glide to do some power off soaring.

The Puma is available in 13.5 square metre size with a wide range of options.


The glider is described in detail in this video:

The Carrier wing folding is described in detail here:

A happy owner reviews his Puma here:


There are plenty more photos here:

Photo album

Coloured undersurface and batten pockets can be chosen from the 10 colours (or white) here:

Note: The standard option is for a choice of two colours (front and rear panels matching) with the reininforcement patches and keel pocket also in this colour. For an extra charge, a third undersurface colour can be added and coloured batten pockets can also be added as an option which then also includes colours the reinforcement patches and keel pocket to match the batten pockets.

The Puma has noow been reviewed by two different pilots in the UKs Skywings Magazine, most recently in 2023 by an ex-Royal Navy Sea Harrier pilot! See links below:

Review: Skywings January 2023

Review: Skywings November 2015

Technical specifications

Wing area 13.6 sqm
Wing span 9.75m
Aspect ratio 7.4:1
Double surface >90%
Max L/D ratio 15
Speed range 18-62mph
Clip in weight range (free flight) 75-105kg
Maximum clip in weight (for power) 120kg
Glider weight (dependent on options) 27.5-28.5kg

Available Options