Parachute repack

Parachute repack
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At Avian we can air out and repack your reserve parachute to ensure that it opens reliably if you have to use it. This is a good thing to arrange while your glider is in for servicing, so you don't miss any of those precious flying days!
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We all hope that we will never need to use our reserve, but if the situation calls for it then we need to be sure that the parachute will open.

At Avian we will air out your reserve and check it for any defects before carefully packing it to the manufacturers instructions. This is extremely important as a parachute left in a harness for a long time will slowly compress, making it harder for the package to open in the air. It also limits the risk of canopy degredation due to damp and mildew.

We advise that reserve parachutes be repacked once a year, which can easily be arranged and will cause minimal disruption to your flying if done during the winter, or better yet, when your glider is in for servicing.

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