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Electric power unti for hang glider. No petrol, no fumes, no engine noise just smooth power.
Electric Power Just charge up your battery and go. No petrol required
Far Less Noise Much less noisy for the pilot and onlookers.
Many Battery sizes Many batter options available. 40Ah Battery included.
Battery Management A battery management system is included in the price.
Battery Charger A battery charger included.
Model Number E-lift
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Product Description

Power For the Future

The e-lift probably is the shape of things to come.  It relies on battery power to turn the prop. 
This gives lovely smooth power without the smell, noise, vibration, petrol spills, leaks, fuel problems that are associated with a petrol power unit.

Battery Technology

It is no secret that loads of reasearch is being put into batteries.  These lithium polymer batteries do make up a very significant part of the total cost of the power unit.  That said the performance improvements in batteries are coming quickly.  Already next year we expect a further 30% power from the same weight and cost of battery.


The performance of this type of power unit is very good with take off thrust believably quoted as greater than that given by a petrol power unit.  That said the range is far less than that provided by 5 litres of petrol in a petrol unit.


The range clearly depends upon the wing.  As reference you can take the figures below (valid for ATOS VR/VQ with an 70kg Pilot, taking off from 400m above MSL:.  Batteries are assumed to have had a full charge.  All the batteries have an output voltage of 57.8V.  The energy in the battery can either be used to climb or to fly level.  (Or a combination of the two.) Thus the two figures stated below, the maximum climb or the maximum level flight.  The weight of the battery is also included.

24 Ah :    max summit height  750m; 27min horizontal flight;   weight=11kg
31 Ah :    max summit height  950m; 35min horizontal flight   weight=14kg
40 Ah :    max summit height 1250m; 45minhorizontal flight   weight=17kg   (Standard battery as supplied with the unit.)
53 Ah :    max summit height 1600m; 60min horizontal flight   weight=19kg

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