-   Ideal for beginners
-   Made to measure
-   Side parachute container
-   Weight with rucksack - 5kg
-   Radio holder and kit-bag
-   Chest protection (a foam and mylar sandwich), for heavy landings
-   Detachable velcro mounted front zip
-   DHV test n° GS-03-118-03


The Flex is a made-to-measure harness, suitable for beginners up to experienced cross country pilot level.

This high quality made-to-measure harness has plenty of storage including a radio holder. The parachute is side mounted for streamlining and there is a foam & mylar protection panel velcroed to the front of the harness (in case of less-than-elegant landings!) The front zip is velcroed into place to facilitate replacement if necessary.

No Back Plate

The flex harness does not have a composite black plate.  Instead the harness has twin suspension webbing and a back spacer that is made from aluminium tubing.  As the webbing essentially splits into two just below the karabiner not very high loads are required to keep the webbing apart and prevent it from pinching the sides of the pilot.   This is the essential difference between more 'basic' aluminum framed harnesses and the ultra low drag (but more pricey) composite back plate harnesses.   If you compare the photos you will see this harness has more ropes above the back of the harness compared to the back plate harnesses.


If ultimate performance is not your aim and you are not a, 'dedicated follower of fashion' there are a few advantages to owning a Flex harness.  It essentially does everything else well and has the twin advantages of being lighter to carry and a lot lighter on your pocket.

Order form

Download Flex 2 order form


If you would like, you can order a made to measure harness now and pay only a deposit until the harness is completed.  This could be a useful way of spreading the cost.  You will be expected to pay the balance in full prior to shipping but delivery of harnesses typically takes about 6 weeks.  (This does depend on the time of year and demand.)

How to order a made to measure harness with a deposit.

Remember the deposit will NOT be refunded if you change your mind.
Thus it makes sense to only order your harness after you have downloaded an order form and measured yourself accurately for a harness (see below) and decided on the colours that you would like.  (Do all the matching of colours to your kit etc before you order.)  Only when you are quite sure should you place the order.

How to measure yourself for a made to measure harness.

Remember that the harness will be made to fit the measurements that you send.  Woody Valley are good at getting a good fit with harnesses, but they do rely on your accurate measurements.  If you exaggerate, make special allowances, etc the harness will be made to fit those dimensions not you.  So it is vitally important to measure with light clothing.  (For example jeans and T shirt.)
So measure a few times to make sure you are right.  (We can sometimes spot obvious mistakes but it is far safer for you to double check your measurements.)

Special requirements.

If you have special requirements (eg you would like the harness to be very tight fitting.  Not advisable for UK pilots.) then put those requirements down as a note with your order and let us make the allowance.  Don't just guess as this will probably lead to a harness that does not fit you.

Take your time with measurements.

Remember take your time to get your order right.   Once the harness has been started you can't change it.  Harnesses last a long time and this could be your pride an joy for many years.  So please get those measurements right!



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