Date Added: 09/07/2011

by Colin

I had the opportunity to fly a coastal site today before the wind picked up. You will be pleased to know that I could not be more happy with the harness.

It is well made as you would expect from Woody Valley.
The size is perfect.
It is by far the most comfortable harness I have ever flown in.
The launch and the conversion to prone were easy.
I had no problem adjusting the head up and head down position in the air. (not so easy in the garage).
I just love the way the bomb bay door zips work, such luxury.
The landing was perfect, it felt different but I had no problem getting out of prone and landing it. (It was again difficult in the garage which concerned me a little but I had no reason to be as it turned out).
I seem to be a little higher on the control frame in the approach position than I was with my old harness and have much more flare capability (not that I needed it today) so this may sort out the nil wind flaring problem I was experiencing with my old harness.

I can't think of a bad thing to say!

So in summary I am not disapointed I chose the Cosmic and I would highly recommend it.

This is the first modern harness I have flown, and the "difficulty getting out of prone" rumours are unfounded when compared to the SUPP that I flew previously or any other harness I have flown come to that. Maybe those complaining just happen to have moved from harnesses that were particularly easy to rotate.

Thanks for your help in getting me sorted.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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