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Woody Valley
The Woody Valley Cosmic hang gliding harness is sold as an "intermediate" harness. It has most of the features of the most expensive harness and will suit pilots from beginner right through to those flying in competitions. The harness is made to measure fitting fit like a glove. This harness features a pointed tail and sleek lines for low drag.
Aerodynamic Aerodynamic hang glider harness
Pointed tail Pointed tail
Single suspension Single point suspension.
Composite back plate Composite back plate for comfort.
Well made Made to Woody Valley's very high standards.
Brand Woody Valley
In Stock Yes
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Product Description


-   Made to measure
-   Radio, camera, GPS and drogue-chute container
-   Two different tow loops - for aerotowing or winch
-   Storage area for "Camelback"-type water system
-   Tapered, streamlined shape
-   DHV test n° GS-03-119-03

Product Description

The quality of Woody Valley hang gliding harnesses is second to none. The Cosmic has masses of storage - a plastic shell forms the sleek tail end of the harness & can be used to store glider padding, valuables or lunch! It has camera and radio pockets, a water system carrier and drogue chute pockets. The harness is secured by a detachable velcro mounted front zip (for easy replacement if necessary) and has two security buckles.

Composite Back Plate

The advantage of a composite back plate is that it allows a single suspension point which reduces drag.  The strength of the backplate spreads the load across your back and stops the harness from 'pinching' you in flight.  The Cosmic has a relatively straight-forward composite back plate with a maximum thickness of about 1cm.  This does not allow space for the suspension slider system inside the harness.  Instead  the extra rope is hidden in the 'shark fin' on the back of the harness.  (The photos show this quite clearly.) This reduces the complexity a great deal and makes the harness significantly cheaper but this system is harder to use than some other harnesses (for example the Tenax) when trying to get upright in the harness for landing.

Adjusting leg loops.

This harness has adjustable length leg loops.  It is highly recommended that when you get the leg loops a comfortable length that you fix that position.  Slipping down the harness to long leg loops is not a pleasant experience.

Order Form

Download Cosmic order form


If you would like, you can order a made to measure harness now and pay only a deposit until the harness is completed.  This could be a useful way of spreading the cost.  You will be expected to pay the balance in full prior to shipping but delivery of harnesses typically takes about 6 weeks.  (This does depend on the time of year and demand.)

How to order a made to measure harness with a deposit.

Remember the deposit will NOT be refunded if you change your mind.
Thus it makes sense to only order your harness after you have downloaded an order form and measured yourself accurately for a harness (see below) and decided on the colours that you would like.  (Do all the matching of colours to your kit etc before you order.)  Only when you are quite sure should you place the order.

How to measure yourself for a made to measure harness.

Remember that the harness will be made to fit the measurements that you send.  Woody Valley are good at getting a good fit with harnesses, but they do rely on your accurate measurements.  If you exaggerate, make special allowances, etc the harness will be made to fit those dimensions not you.  So it is vitally important to measure with light clothing.  (For example jeans and T shirt.)
So measure a few times to make sure you are right.  (We can sometimes spot obvious mistakes but it is far safer for you to double check your measurements.)

Special requirements.

If you have special requirements (eg you would like the harness to be very tight fitting.  Not advisable for UK pilots.) then put those requirements down as a note with your order and let us make the allowance.  Don't just guess as this will probably lead to a harness that does not fit you.

Take your time with measurements.

Remember take your time to get your order right.   Once the harness has been started you can't change it.  Harnesses last a long time and this could be your pride an joy for many years.  So please get those measurements right!

Customer reviews for this product

By Oliver on 14/04/2015  BOX_REVIEWS_TEXT_OF_5_STARS
I began to hear rumours that the Cosmic was a difficult harness shortly after I bought it! I\'m glad to report that I have had no difficulties. It is beautifully made: harness design and manufacture has come a long way since I last got a new one, an Airwave Race 2 in 1995, which was also excellent for the time. The rucksack is well made and spacious. My glider rests on top of the bag, across my shoulders, for carry-ups. There is a lot of storage in the Cosmic: certainly more than in my old Race 2. Ample room for all the gubbins including XC bag and glider padding, radio, camera and so on. Takeoff is easy, although I find that the upper main zip slider tends to disappear upwards under the lower chest buckle, and can be difficult to retrieve in flight to close. Re-opening the lower zip for landing is easy. I have not yet had any difficulties with the leg loops, as mentioned by Lee. Adjusting the angle of dangle in flight is relatively easy, although not as simple as the Race 2. I\'ve only had four flights in it so far and I think it will get easier. Some people (including Avian on Line) have said that it can be hard to get upright for landing in a Cosmic. I have not found this. I find a good shove downwards on the bar does the trick. I am quite thin, and perhaps people who are more heavily built in their upper body might not suit the harness so well? I dunno, but it works for me. Overall, I am very happy, and I expect this harness to last me for some time to come.
By Lee on 14/04/2012  BOX_REVIEWS_TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Very nicely made harness. My only real point, which is more user error than anything else is to make sure you adjust the leg loops to the correct length. When they are right tape or sew them in position so they can't alter by themselves. Dropping onto long leg loops is a bit fightening.
By Colin on 09/07/2011  BOX_REVIEWS_TEXT_OF_5_STARS
I had the opportunity to fly a coastal site today before the wind picked up. You will be pleased to know that I could not be more happy with the harness. It is well made as you would expect from Woody Valley. The size is perfect. It is by far the most comfortable harness I have ever flown in. The launch and the conversion to prone were easy. I had no problem adjusting the head up and head down position in the air. (not so easy in the garage). I just love the way the bomb bay door zips work, such luxury. The landing was perfect, it felt different but I had no problem getting out of prone and landing it. (It was again difficult in the garage which concerned me a little but I had no reason to be as it turned out). I seem to be a little higher on the control frame in the approach position than I was with my old harness and have much more flare capability (not that I needed it today) so this may sort out the nil wind flaring problem I was experiencing with my old harness. I can't think of a bad thing to say! So in summary I am not disapointed I chose the Cosmic and I would highly recommend it. This is the first modern harness I have flown, and the "difficulty getting out of prone" rumours are unfounded when compared to the SUPP that I flew previously or any other harness I have flown come to that. Maybe those complaining just happen to have moved from harnesses that were particularly easy to rotate. Thanks for your help in getting me sorted.
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