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IQ Competino+
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COMPETINO+ Alti vario gps
Brand Brauniger
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Product Description

Bräuniger COMPETINO+

Combined Alti/Vario flight instrument with integrated 16-Channel GPS Receiver featuring the most recent processor technology and new ergonomic design.

Following the introduction of the new COMPEO+, the COMPETINO+ now offers a new, elegant and functional design, the latest controller technology and a high contrast LCD plus many more useful and easy to use features, in a high end instrument designed primarily for paraglider pilots.

Highlights include:
Elegant, functional and easy to use design.
Larger, higher contrast, high-resolution graphical display.
More powerful and faster controller - will allow for interesting future functions.

Automatic or manual Start / Stop of flight recording
Variable recording interval 1 to 60 sec. for up to 290 hrs. flight recording
Automatically switching to 1 sec. recording interval at waypoints with an acoustical and optical signal given to the pilot.
For each flight are recorded: GPS-position, altitude (air pressure and GPS-value), TAS, speed over ground, time, marking for positions.
Easy data transfer via USB interface to the PC. IGC- and NMEA-data are available. IGC data provided with digital signature.
FAI-conforming flight data are saved automatically.
Easy entry of Competition co-ordinates/ Routes via PC with USB cable.
27 user defined display fields.
Inlet for optional wind vane-speed sensor

Included accessories: Clamp ( PG leg mount; CD with manual, flasher software and Flychart; transport bag, USB download cable.

The COMPETINO+ can be equipped with an optional SMS-Bluetooth function allowing features such as "live traking", cyclic, key activated and emergency SMS sending, etc. when paired to a mobile phone.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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