Cheetah Evo 3 140
Date Added: 30/10/2017

by Jonathan

Had mine for about 18 months now and very happy with it. Some notes on handling: Take-off/landing: VB fully off is the recommendation of Steve Elkins as it allows full roll authority. Flare is no problem in this state but the cues for flare are a bit less positive than previous gliders that I have flown. Steve told me to really concentrate on back pressure on the uprights, when it starts to push back with increasing force (root starting to stall, less lift forwards) that is the flare cue. Since this I have had no trouble landing. The flare window is large and forgiving. Take off is very straightforward, although pitch is light it is worth making a proper effort to keep it on the ground until plenty of speed is present as it is easy to float off much too early. General flying: Both pitch and roll are light. With full VB the pitch is very light but still positive although it is a bit of a shock just how light it can go. Turning flight is lovely as long as you coordinate the pitch properly, if you don't you will feel that you are yawing all over the place. This can be handy if you need to dump some height on approach, a quick pull in while turning gives a nice little sidslip without the speed running away. One feature that has surprised a couple of people who have tried my wing is that when the VB is pulled on the bar trim position hardly changes. This is due to the upward kink of the outer leading edges, increased sail tension reduces tip washout but gives a relative i..

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