Solar Wings lower right VG side upright casting.  This fitting inserts into the upright and has a slot for fitting a VG pulley.  This casting will fit many Avian and Solar Wings hang gliders:  All Avian Java Gliders and early Cheetahs.  It will also fit Solar Wings Rumours, Scandals and Scandal XK gliders.

These fittings are not uncommon to damage when one upright is broken and the other upright breaks in sympathy.  This is because the speed bar is unable to fold beyond a certain point and forces the casting to bend the upright.  This can result in a broken casting that has to be replaced.

Removing the Old Casting.

The new fitting is relatively easy to fit once the old fitting has had the wires removed from it. 

Front to back wire removal.

The front to back wires can be removed with Allen keys.  However make sure the Allen keys are nice and sharp and fit well before you start.  If you round of the shape you will have to drill out the screw.  Note the position of the wires.  The rear wire is on the inside of the casting to give maximum clearance for the VG rope.

Side wire removal

This looks very easy but can be difficult. Removal of the 8mm Grub screw from then front end of the casting should be straight forward with a 4mm Allen key.  However getting the 6.35mm diameter shaft out can be very difficult.  Strange though it may sound tapping next to the hole on the front of the fitting seems to work best.  Remember when re-fitting to make sure the shaft drops smoothly through the plastic bush before you put everything together.  If it does not do not assemble as you will be unable to remove the shaft next time.  Which might be in a couple of minutes time!!

All small parts can also be supplied for the casting by Avian on Line.

Use Loctite.

As the fasteners in these components do not use nyloc nuts a locking compound should be used on all threads.  Avian recomment Loctite 222.

Get Avian on Line to do it for you.

The chances are that now is a good time to replace your lower rigging wires.  Why not just take off the lower wires and send them all together with lower control fittings to Avian on Line?  We can then remove the old wires and replace with nice safe new wires.  We will remove the wires from the old fittings and fit new wires with labour Free.  (We will charge you for the new casting and any small components you might need.)