The ATOS-VX is A-I-R's most versatile model, suited for single, tandem and motorised flying.

An impressive 183kg hook-in weight make this glider ideal for tandem flying. A-I-R is offering an optimized, bigger tandem A-frame with big wheels. Compared to tandem flex-wing hanggliders, the sink rate of the VX increases only by a small fraction of the amount accepted in traditional tandem flights.

When flown with our AIRstream carbon A-frame, this glider offers great performance and a unbeatable sink-rate to heavier pilots or when flying in weak conditions.
Several options for motorisation can be found here.

Technical Data

Span: 14,0 m
Wing area: 16 m2
Aspect ratio: 12,25
Min. sink rate: 0,6 m/s
Glider weight: 47,5kg
Min. take-off weight: 110 kg
Max. take-off weight: 231 kg
Transport dimensions: 5,8x0,48x0,2 m
Rigging/derigging: approx. 18 Minutes
Certification: DHV 3E
Spars can be transported seperately

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The manual can be found here.

Available Options