IQ ONE+ Alti-vario

IQ ONE+  Alti-vario
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IQ ONE+ Alti-vario
Brand Brauniger
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Product Description

Designed to perfectly meet the needs of all hang glider and paragliding pilots, from beginners to experienced pilots. Now supplied with download cable.

The new IQ instruments are even easier to handle, and packed with functions for performance minded pilots.

- The stylish titanium-metallic ABS case features a new, larger display, “soft touch” case grip, large keys for easy operation and a user friendly, logical menu system.
- New high precision vario digital technology with variable response and excellent audio presence due to our new SMARTFILTER technology.
- Over 250 hours battery life (alkaline cells), 20 years stand by mode, displaying time even when switched off.
- FLIGHT MEMORY - up to 130 hours flight recorder (Barograph). Flights can be downloaded to a PC using FLYCHART software (USB port required)
- Optional speed probe connection : S2 (HG) or S3 PG, range up to 130 km/h with 1 km/h resolution

General information:
Power supply: 2 x 1,5 V batteries size AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMh
Dimensions: 138 x 74 x 23 mm
Weight: 182 grams incl. batteries, without clamp

More information from Brauniger including interactive image showing highlighted features.

Instrument, Velcro leg strap, batteries, download cable and protective bag. The instrument can be supplied without pc download cable

Optional extras include: Flychart software (free from, speed proble, various mounts and brackets.
Guarantee: 24 months.

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