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The ATOS VR is perhaps the ultimate high-performance hanglider, built for competition and cross-country record breaking.
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The ATOS VRS is a smaller version of the ATOS VR. Giving smaller pilots the same performance as the larger size, the VRS is also significantly lighter at just 35kg!
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Icaro 2000
Icaro's topless design, the Laminar, has a remarkable history in international competition. This is no surprise when you consider their design pedigree, with input from world champions Manfred Ruhmer, Christian Ciech and Alex Ploner, who all fly Laminar wings.
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Pair split wheel for aluminum airfoil speedbar + bag
Pair (2) sets of wheel halves, hubs and bag (red bag shown). These parts assemble to make two landing wheels to fit on an airfoil speedbar. The hubs are available in two designs; to fit aerofoil aluminium speed bars: Avian, Moyes, Airborne section or Wills Wing section.
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Vario clamp Round bar
A universal instrument (vario) clamp that fits all tube sizes used on a hang glider and most rubber backed aerofoil upright sizes.
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Wheel spare parts
Spare parts for Plastiqual wheels
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